Project 1968 Impala: Day 1

Hello all, Ben here. After attending Church service today I went to my uncle’s house to begin work on the old 68 Impala. It use to be Dad’s until we sold it to our grandparents. It’s been sitting for about 17 years or so under a carport so it’s not too bad all considering.

Anyway, I came with a new battery (slightly used off craigslist) and a siphon hose to empty the tank. But silly old Ben forgot to charge the battery last night so the lights came on for only a couple minutes. 😛 I also did not bring a long enough hose so the tank isn’t completely empty yet. I plan on returning tomorrow after work to finish emptying the tank, add some coolant and see if we can fire it up. 😉 And maybe give it a wash. 😛

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