Reflection of Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth, considered to be one of the leading computer scientists. Author of “The Art of Computer Programming” series. (Of which I only have the first 3 volumes.)

“I have to see something to the point where I have surrounded it, and totally understood it before I can write about it with any confidence.”

“A lot of times I’ll have to read through a lot of material just in order to write one sentence, because I’ll choose words that will make it more convincing, and if I don’t really have the knowledge then it’ll somehow come out implicitly in my writing.”

I had no idea that I had so much in common with this man. I frequently get frustrated with myself when I seem to struggle with writing essays in college. It’s not that I can’t do them, but I often feel like I never have enough time to really learn the material well enough to write it how I really want to with confidence.

A Poem About Car Brakes

Twas the day before math test,
And all through out the city,
Ben’s car brakes were screeching,
What a great pity.

He labored and toiled,
And at last found what was missing,
“Twas a bold that fell out!”
And thus he began searching.

He went up and down main street,
Showing the part as he pleaded,
At last one store had it,
The part that he needed!

After assembling it together,
Feeling tired and worn,
Ben needed to do homework,
And complete it before morn.

The Body family and You. (A short story)

The Body family and You.
By Ben DeCamp.

Somebody asked You if they would come along to a family reunion. You was happy to come along because You would finally meet Everybody who Somebody was always talking about. When Somebody opened the door to the party, Nobody greeted you. It turned out that Nobody had heard You was coming and Nobody wanted to make You feel welcomed.

As You walked over to where Everybody was, Somebody pulled You to the side and said “Everybody has been talking been talking about you…” Some of the comments were rather hurtful and that made You sad, but You was willing to give Everybody a chance to see who You really was. You gave an awkward smile as Somebody introduced You to Everybody. Everybody gave You an odd look, as if Everybody was trying to appraise if You was worth Anybody’s time. Everybody gave a brief hello, and went back to talking to Anybody, You felt even more hurt that Everybody would rather to Anybody than You. You now felt embarrassed and depressed, You then asked Somebody if they could go back home. Somebody opened the car door and drove You back home, there You and Somebody watched a movie on the couch.

After a while Somebody decided now would be a good time to ask You how the party went. You replied to Somebody crying “It was terrible! Everybody hated me, I couldn’t even get Anybody to give me the time of day…”

“Well…” Somebody replied, “at least Nobody was honest about liking You…”

“That… Is true I guess.” You said, “I guess I should be thankful to Nobody for being so nice to me.”

“Tell ya what,” Somebody said, “how about tomorrow we get a large pizza and share it with Nobody?”

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that!” You said.

The End.