New Integrated Library System for my Public Library

After 2 years of slow yet diligent, enduring effort of our volunteers, I am pleased to announce that the Castle Rock Public Library website and catalog are officially online!

The website is pretty barebones right now. I hope to improve it a bit during my school break.

Thanks to our volunteers, we now have over 11,000 books and items cataloged in the new system. (I set up Koha, an open source ILS.) Which can be accessed at It too is pretty barebones right now, theme wise anyway. But like I said I hope to improve that during my next break.

You may recall that we use to be at, sadly the original technician who set up the OPACs for Kelso, Caslte Rock, and Kalama never gave the libraries administration access to these domain names. (So when Castle Rock Library changed ISP, we couldn’t point the old domain to our new IP Address.) We had tried to contact the domain registrar about the situation. But the technician put Kalama Public Library as the owner of So, it was just easier to get a new domain name. 😛

There’s still a few kinks to work out in the Koha system, so bare with us as we try to maintain and improve our system.