Numbers and Logic and Wires, oh my!

Ended up arriving at school an hour early by mistake. So I went in the lab to finish up wiring this week’s project.

Takes two 2-bit variables (the two numbers shown in the bottom left,) and the sum is displayed on top. There are three sub-circuits shown, one group of chips controls the input displays, the second group controls the adding, and the third group controls the output display.

Audi Repairs


Finally figured out what was causing all the leaking on the Audi.

See that black spout? Right where it meets up with the base it had cracked, causing coolant to leak whenever the AC system was pressurized. Broke off completely when I took it off, so now I have to wait for the new part in 2-4 days before I can drive it again.

Project 1968 Impala: Day 5 & 6

Well, finally got the oil change done. 😀 I forgot the camera on Day 6 so there aren’t any pics of me pouring the oil into the recycle jug or adding the new oil… But rest assured I will have someone on hand to take pics of me doing the brakes! 😉

With only a week left for Summer break I’m not sure how soon I’ll get a chance to work on the brakes. We shall see. 😉

Project 1968 Impala: Day 4

My friend was sadly, still recovering from a cold, so I didn’t have the jack with me to work on the brakes or oil filter. So today I just worked on the headlights, air filter and coolant hose.

Turned out that I didn’t need the new bulb. (It’s the wiring. 😛 ) Next weekend we will work on the rest of the goals:

  • Bleed brakes. (Hopefully this is all they need.)
  • Change motor oil and oil filter.
  • Put spare tires on.

Eventually I will get the wipers and horn working too. 😉

Project 1968 Impala: Day 3 – Wash day!

Went back to my uncle’s this afternoon and washed the Impala with help from my younger brother.

Afterwards my friend stopped by and helped push the car out from the carport and under some trees. We plan on lifting it up and inspecting the brakes as the break pedal is firmly stuck. So the immediate objectives are:

  • Get brakes functioning and change oils.
  • Change coolant and other hoses.
  • Put on spare studded tires that we found in the shed.
  • Buy a 3 day permit.
  • Take over to a local tire center and have them pull out the studs from the tires… Or maybe put on a used set if they have something.

Every time I go up and work on the car I get all giddy. 😛 There’s just something special about working on a classic car. 😀