More to come!

Example Works:

Barcode Generator (PHP) Volunteer project for Castle Rock Public Library.

BarcodeClocking (C#)  Volunteer project for Lower Columbia College’s Tutoring Center. Tutors easily clock in and out to keep track of their hours using a barcode scanner, and print out timesheets at the end of the month.

Mogul Wireless Project:
MogulSerialTest (Python) Generates random sample data for testing serial communication reliability.

MogulGUI (C++, Qt) GUI front-end for configuring Raspberry Pi network settings, data submission frequency, etc.

Course Work:
CS360: Systems Programming (written in C)
LZW: Compression/Decompression Tool
MFTP: Miniature FTP Client/Server

ENGR205: Digital Logics
Link to course homework. (Lab reports, essays, etc.)

ENGR206: Microcontrollers
Link to course homework. (Lab reports, essays, etc.)