Making modchips for the Nintendo GameCube (XenoGC Clones)

Been taking advantage of “wrapping wire” and protoboards that I bought using Christmas gift cards from last month.

Modded a gamecube with a homemade modchip, this lets it play backups as well as “homebrew” software such as emulators.

I also built a microcontroller programming “shield” to replace the mess of wires and breadboard I had been using previously. Now I can easily load programs onto microcontrollers without having to worry about which wire went where, and can free up the breadboard for future projects.

Numbers and Logic and Wires, oh my!

Ended up arriving at school an hour early by mistake. So I went in the lab to finish up wiring this week’s project.

Takes two 2-bit variables (the two numbers shown in the bottom left,) and the sum is displayed on top. There are three sub-circuits shown, one group of chips controls the input displays, the second group controls the adding, and the third group controls the output display.